Thursday, April 9, 2020

Teaching at The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show.


I thought I would share today what I will be teaching at The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show.
I have a new lecture called Photo Impressions.  Where I take a photo ( usually a animal but, you can do it with any photo. ) and turn it into a quilt.  Showing step by step powerpoint presentation.  And then I will have quilts to show as well.  I will talk about my technique and the reasons I use the fusible I use.  And other little tidbits of information.  I will show the photo of most of the quilts I made as well as the patterns that I create to make them. See a few of my quilts below.


I will be teaching one Sit and Sew Workshop on Ricky Tim's Harmonic Convergence Quilt. Which when I taught it 2 years ago it was really a hit.  Almost everyone got their quilt top done in the 3 hour class.  It's a lot of fun too!! Converging 4 fabrics together to make this stunning quilt top.
A students top 
A student used only 2 fabrics which really gave this top
a nice look 

A students top

This one used a fabric with a picture. It was horses ( laurel burch)
and 3 solid hand dyes. 

Also I will be teaching a Hands on Workshop on putting together my pattern called "Billy".   This is a popular pattern that I teach at guilds.  My mom had a dog and his name was Billy.  He was a King Charles Cavalier.  The sweetest dog you can imagine.  He brought great joy to my mom in her final years.

As soon as the registration is open for The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show I will post about it.  Until then hold on to your seats and stay at home.  Keep praying that we can soon move on with our lives and this Caronovirus decides to leave us alone.

Mom and Billy 

Billy - what we will be making in class. 

Rosie ( for a blues challenge) one of my Photo Impressions Quilts

Zak this quilt was made from a photo I took at the zoo. 

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