Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Projects While at Home and Abroad

Today is April 28th.  It is the 40th day for me staying at home.  I really started March 12 but, I had to go to work a couple mornings that following week.  I'm keeping busy.  Spending everyday with my grandson which is awesome. I feel bad for families who have to be apart from their grandkids and kids during this time.  Most of the festivals have been cancelled or postponed for the summer.  No Fireworks at the lakefront either.  It's going to be a difficult 2020. Enough about that. 

 I wanted to show a brilliant idea my friend Jen came up with.  There is as you know a lack of elastic right now. Jen and I used to run 5K's together and during the colder days you would wear a "MUFF". They are made of a stretchy polyester fabric and covered your mouth and nose  She decided to cut one up in 1" increments and then cut that 1" strip into 4 pieces.  They work perfectly for the masks.  And they are less likely to rub and hurt your ears after wearing them for hours. So I decided to cut up one of my muffs and make some masks for my office.  So here is what I did.  

My Muff cutting 1" strips from the top down. 

Muff cut. The pieces roll up on their own. 

Masks waiting for pleats to be added. 

 My next project was a 10 minutes table runner.  In reality it takes about 20 minutes.  I laugh at my friend who tells me it takes her 2 hours.  It's a fun project using 2 pieces of fabric. I found a good tutorial here.  This fabric was from one of the Wednesday night lives from The Quilted Cow on Facebook.  http://www.animblethimble.com/ten-minute-table-runner-pattern-and-pics.htm

So Mike and I took a 3 day trip to our house up north.  From one house to another as to not infecting or taking anything with us.  I took my Red S Featherweight machine along and a few projects.  These are the 2 Runaround Bags I made.  They were quick and easy and I plan on making more.  What a great gift for a friend or family member.  Throw your license, money and your credit card into the bag with a comb and off you go.  I used to carry huge purses.  I haven't in years.  I love these little purses!!  Here is a picture of the Pattern by Lazy Girl.  I'm not experienced in making bags. Especially bags with zippers. This was the ultimate easy bag.  The zipper was put on with my Featherweight and the regular foot that it usually has on it.  You have to try it!  I'm looking forward to getting in my stash and finding some coordinating fabrics to make a few more. 

The bag is 7" X 9" 

Front of the bag.  On this one I decided to use the same fabric above and below the zipper. 

Here is the back of the bag. See the nice big pocket you can put your phone in? 

Here are my 2 flavors of Runaround Bags.  

A quilt I made years ago.  It's called Look to The Cross. I added the words to the photo of it. Just a reminder to Trust in God during these very trying times. He is in control. 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Resizing Your Pattern

So I just wanted to touch base with you on how to resize your paper pattern.

There is a handy dandy scale thing called the Quilters Assistant Proportional Scale.

So I take the pattern and measure it and this pattern is 13" X 16" I want the longest side to be 26".
So I am going to line the 16 mark ( on the inside) to the 26 mark ( on the outside)
Then look at the Enlargement window.  So it shows I will take it to Fed Ex or wherever you have enlargements made and tell them I want it enlarged 165%  Some of the people don't understand and so just tell them you want the long side 26".  I tell them to make a copy of a mirror image as well. This is what I will use for the pattern.  It has to be reversed because of the way I use Steam a Seam 2 lite.  So there you have it.  Email me if you have any questions.  I'm off to Fed Ex.

Here is my pattern. 

This is the tool I use to find out how much to enlarge my pattern. 

Short side of my pattern is 13"  The long side is 16" 

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Teaching at The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show.


I thought I would share today what I will be teaching at The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show.
I have a new lecture called Photo Impressions.  Where I take a photo ( usually a animal but, you can do it with any photo. ) and turn it into a quilt.  Showing step by step powerpoint presentation.  And then I will have quilts to show as well.  I will talk about my technique and the reasons I use the fusible I use.  And other little tidbits of information.  I will show the photo of most of the quilts I made as well as the patterns that I create to make them. See a few of my quilts below.


I will be teaching one Sit and Sew Workshop on Ricky Tim's Harmonic Convergence Quilt. Which when I taught it 2 years ago it was really a hit.  Almost everyone got their quilt top done in the 3 hour class.  It's a lot of fun too!! Converging 4 fabrics together to make this stunning quilt top.
A students top 
A student used only 2 fabrics which really gave this top
a nice look 

A students top

This one used a fabric with a picture. It was horses ( laurel burch)
and 3 solid hand dyes. 

Also I will be teaching a Hands on Workshop on putting together my pattern called "Billy".   This is a popular pattern that I teach at guilds.  My mom had a dog and his name was Billy.  He was a King Charles Cavalier.  The sweetest dog you can imagine.  He brought great joy to my mom in her final years.

As soon as the registration is open for The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show I will post about it.  Until then hold on to your seats and stay at home.  Keep praying that we can soon move on with our lives and this Caronovirus decides to leave us alone.

Mom and Billy 

Billy - what we will be making in class. 

Rosie ( for a blues challenge) one of my Photo Impressions Quilts

Zak this quilt was made from a photo I took at the zoo. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Masks for Covid

So what did you accomplish this week?  Staying at home has been a love hate relationship.  I do love to be home.  But, not 24/7.  Right now we have no choice.  I like many have been making masks for family and friends.  I don't have a whole lot of time to sew because of Smallie ( my grandson I call him my Small Wonder ) living here. We spend a lot of time together.  But, this week I made some masks.  I also made my cat a cat bed.  I worked on organizing some of my stash and trying to pick out more fabrics for the rest of the masks I need to make.  I've made 2 different kinds of masks now.  I also made a jar opener.  A very simple project.
Wednesday I received my very cool t-shirt from the Quilted Cow.  Every Weds night they go live on facebook from their shop and sell fabric, notions, fun little projects.  It's fun to watch. I'm
pretty frugal most weeks.
I hope you are staying safe at home.  Praying for this epidemic to come to an end sooner more than later.  I appreciate all the quilters and sewers that are making masks to donate to all the healthcare workers.  It's amazing how Americans are coming together to help each other.  Back to basics my friends and things that are important.  Family, Friends and Faith.

Jar opener. 

I sent the flags to my dad and the breast cancer one to my sister.  The other two are being
given to a nurse from Brookfield. 

I made this one for Mike.  
Sophia on her new bed. 

This is a mask with the elastic that goes around the ears.