Friday, December 29, 2017

End of the Year Part 1

Thought I would bring you all up to speed as what is going on in my life.  I was trying to post every week but, that ended very early in the year.  Things got a little crazy for me and my family.   We lost a few family members this past year and 1/2 and it has been tough.  But, I am back to quilting and doing the things that I love.

First and foremost... I became a grandma.  My Grandson, Brayden was born Oct. 11, 2017.  He is obviously the love of my life.  As well as all my family members.  After everything our family went through since 2015 he has been such a blessing. I'm so proud of my daughter.  She is a great mom.
We had a really fun Christmas with Brayden.  The only thing missing was my mom, dad and sister.  I'll tell you more about them in Part 2 in my next blog post.

Last summer I had a great opportunity along with 16 other gals to take a class from Barbara Yates Beasley.  This is the owl I have been working on.  I still have to quilt the background.  And the cat I started in her class.  I love both of them and can't wait to start another one. Barbara and I had a great time for the few days she was here. I'm hoping she can come back sometime.

I attended a few Quilt retreats which always gets me pumped up.  I love seeing what everyone is working on.  I finished a few tops at my Nov. retreat.

I also took a class from My Material Matters that my dear friend Joan Cain taught on Laura Heine's 
collage technique.  This was a 2 day class and I love this technique too. 

Besides my quilting I have started selling Health and Wellness Products 
Plexus Worldwide.  I am amazed by these products and since I have been 
taking them I'm feeling like a million bucks.  I had stomach aches all the time. 
2 weeks after starting the Tri Plex they were gone.  I have lost 12 lbs as well and 
continue to take these products along with their Multivitamin X factor plus and
Accelerator which helps with weight loss.  I take Block before those high carb
meals. It blocks up to 48 percent of carbs and sugars.