Monday, July 22, 2013

Upcoming Show in Minoqua

Hi all...I hope you are enjoying your summer. We have had one beautiful day after another. A little hot at times but, hey isn't that what summer is all about?
I'm going to be vending at the Ladies of the Lake show in Minoqua next weekend. I'm also very excited about it because my sister in law lives up there and I will be able to spend some time with her and my mother in law.. who is going with me. Some of you may not know but, Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. is up for sale. The future is unpredictable right now. I will continue to sell patterns and teach the technique. So many patterns use the same technique. I'm planning on opening an Etsy shop this fall. I am not sure about vending next year as of right now. I have also picked up some of Toni Whitney's patterns that she sells on her website. I'm very excited to be carrying those. So if you get up to the show stop by and say Hi.
I am carrying Liberty patterns and patterns with fabric.
This poppy pattern and kit.
Mistral which I only had the pattern.. now have the kit. Also Pride and Joy and Flo Flo which I only had the pattern.
Also a few other patterns from her.

I also want to tell you about the corrections on the Bigfork Bay Cotton Co page. If you have a pattern I would suggest before you start working on it go to the BFBCC website and on the very bottom click on the Corrections. Just in case your pattern may have one. See you soon..

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Oh No...not a Quarter Inch Seam!!

Well, those of you who know me know I'm not much into accuracy. I hate sewing quarter inch seams. Even with my 1/4" seam foot I get them wrong. Using Bali Pops that are not an accurate 2 1/2 inch didn't help with my daughters quilt. But, I fixed them and used 1/8" seams. Well that will probably come back to bite me.. But, I had no choice.
A good friend of mine Chris Kirsch showed me a way to mark my machine's quarter inch accurately. And so that if I started a project on one machine I could accurately mark the other machine so they both will jive. This is how you do it.
Using a lined notecard you place it under your machine and put your needle into the first line from the bottom.
Putting a piece of tape right along the edge of the card. This will mark my quarter inch. I can take that card and accurately mark my other machine. So they with both be the same 1/4".
When I used my 1/4" foot my seam allowances were always to big.
So do you want to know why I needed this accurate seam allowance.
I found a pattern by Mark Lipinski in the Love of Quilting magazine called Curvy. And yes it really needs to be accurate. I cut out all the fabrics, I decided to use Marcia Derse and a white on white zig zag fabric that I fell in love with as soon as it came in at Patched Works. Knowing how bad I am at piecing I decided to take on this challenge. So I started it today. I have made one block just to see if I was accurate. I found it was ok. Maybe just a few seams were a bit larger than 1/4". So I took them apart and resewed. I think I am getting the hang of it. Sooooo then next challenge is the curved piecing. Again if you know me I never use pins. Well, in this case I am. I love this quilt so much I am willing to give up my throw to the wind attitude and make it right. So far it is going pretty well.
Here is the block before it is cut into a rectangle. And then after I trimmed it. It is a little short by 1/8"or less in 2 places. So I will make a note of that and continue on my journey making all the strips, Cutting out the curves and piecing them. This quilt might take me awhile since I am trying so hard to make it right. Wish me luck on this journey.
To see more of Chris Kirsch's tips visit her blog You will be glad you did!!
PS.. don't ask me where my Tula Blocks are... I gave them up... they are incredibly hard for me to piece since the block pieces are so very small.. Maybe after I master this I will go back and try and make some more of the Tula Blocks.