Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Opening Day of Summerfest

I always loved to get down to the Summerfest Grounds bright and early on the first day of the show.
The past 2 years I have little to no interest in going. I think it is because I have more fun staying at home and making quilts...
I'm making quilt patterns for another dog and cat. My mom's dog Billy. And one of my cats. I'm going to offer that as a workshop.
You can either make the dog or cat or you can use a photo of your pet. I'm really excited to get that started.

The other workshop I am coming up with is using fabric paper and printing a photo out and using it in a small art quilt.
I like the vintage style but, you can make it modern too. This quilt has a photo of my mom, her dad and her mom back when she was a little girl.
Here are a few photos of my new projects/workshops. The actual
photo of Billy is not the one I used. But, I wanted to show the similarity. I can't find the photo I used because
I made the posterized print out years ago and finally got around to making the quilt.