Monday, May 13, 2013

Daisy.... and more

I received a wonderful email from a gal I met up in Eagle River last year at the quilt show. She made my Daisy pattern and does it ever look cool...
Her Blog is called The Smiling Cat. And you can see the post on Daisy here
She has a Tuxedo cat so she made Daisy into a black and white cat. She has the whole tutorial on how she made her Daisy. Thanks Carole!!

I'm gearing up for the show in Janesville this upcoming weekend. Jessi and I will be trucking down there for the weekend. I just received a fresh batch of patterns too!! More info here

I went to a half day of Wendy Rieves open sew today and put together a pattern I made of my mom's Cavalier King Charles dog... Billy. I'm definitely going to make up patterns for this.. it turned out so cute. I'll post a photo when I am all finished..