Friday, November 15, 2013

It's November

I have a few things to say today...
First off I am so thankful for all of you who continue to support me in my teaching endeavor.  It is truly a love of mine.
I am thankful for friends and family and thankful to God for giving me all that I have.

Today I just wanted to share a great tip I saw on Fons and Porter the other day.  When I sew a seam and I have other seams I have to go over I always wanted the seam to point towards the machine.  Well, I found out that if you have a seam point away from you it is less likely that it will slip and cause the seams to be out of line.
See on the photo the seam I am about to sew over is pointing away from me.  And that makes for more accuracy.  Makes sense!! I thought this was a very good tip.

I want to wish you all a very Blessed Thanksgiving!!

Sewing over a seam that is pointing towards the needle makes for less slipping and more accurate seams. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Last Vending Show

I just wanted to let everyone know that this weekend I will be vending at the North Shore Quilt Guild show.  You can read about it here.  I will have the Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. quilt patterns and kits with me along with some Toni Whitney patterns and kits and a few from Wildfire Designs.  I will continue to sell these patterns on my Etsy shop.  Or you can call me or email me if you need a pattern.  You can also buy direct from the companies.  I have enjoyed vending so much that who knows if I might go back to it in a year or so.  But, as of now I think the midwest knows about Bigfork Bay Cotton Company and their patterns.  I will continue to lecture and give workshops to guilds.  That is what I love doing the most.  So if you ever want me to come to your guild  just drop me a line or give me a call.  And thanks for all your support these past two years.

October 26 -27th
Nicolet High School
6701 Jean Nicolet Drive
Glendale, WI 53209
100 + Quilts
Quilt Appraisals by Carol Butzke

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Curvy And Other Quilts

I'm working on a quilt that I am afraid might take me years.  I saw this pattern Curvy by Mark Lipinski in the Fons and Porter Love of Quilting magazine.  May June 2013 issue.. I was intrigued by it.  And decided right then and there I wanted to make it.  I have been collecting Marcia Derse  fabrics for years now.  I finally have a purpose for them.  Right now I have made strip pieces and have cut out 7 curved pieces from the strips.  I have 280 curved pieces to now sew together.  ( see the photos below) Thank goodness retreat is coming up this month.  That is only one of my projects. 
I am also working on putting the finishing touches on my dog and cat postcards for Houston. 
I am starting a new quilt with the latests Tula Pink fabrics called Acacia.  I fell in love with the Racoons..  
I am also taking along a strip quilt I want to make.  It is in the book Strip Therapy 9 and it is on the cover.  For you locals that book is available at Patched Works in Elm Grove.  My favorite quilt shop!! It uses bali pops and then a background fabric.  Patched Works also carry beautiful Bali Pops.  
And then my final project I am taking along is making a Star Table Runner by Common Bias Quilting . (See my star below)   I met Susan up at a show in Minoqua ( in August) and she challenge me to make a star by the time I see her in Madison ( in Sept.).. I made it and I loved the technique using her easy templates.  The stars float on the surface of the quilt.  
So why am I writing all of this.  I think I am turning into a traditional quilter!!  Just kidding.  I love doing both but, right now I have been in the piecing mode.  And of course these projects are easier to take on retreat than an art quilt.  As far as my art quilts go I am starting one for a challenge with West Suburban Quilt Guilds Show  March 14 and 15th 2014.  I know just what I am going to make.  Remember that photo with the squirrel in the popcorn container?  Let me refresh your memory ( see below) 
I couldn't end this post without reminding you that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.. Please be sure to take the time ( both women and men) to do a self exam or get your mammogram.  I'm happy to have celebrated 16 years cancer free this summer.  All because I did a self exam.  And that was a long time ago before they were really promoting self exams.  Remember I was only 39 at the time.  So start early!!  

Star made with templates from Common Bias Quilting. 

280 curved pieces ready to sew into strips of 5.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

SAQA Auction

Only 2 more days until the SAQA Auction will be over.. I am happy to say that my dog quilt "Billy" made $150 for SAQA.. That is always so exciting.  You can see the auction quilts here..  Quilts go down to $150 tomorrow at 2pm and then $75 Sat. at 2pm.  All of the quilts are pretty amazing... I bought 2 last year and just love them.
I am excited to say there is an article in the Fall SAQA Journal about collecting quilts.  The author of the article asked me about my collecting experience and you can read about it and see some of the quilts I have collected.  The organization is so good for me.. There is so much information on the website, in the journals, and the yahoo group is always buzzing about something... Consider joining SAQA.  You will be happy if you do.  If you have any questions please send me an email.  I might have the answer.. If I don't know it I can get it for you.  All of the artists are willing to share their knowledge.  Here is my quilt Billy that was sold last week..

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Hi all... I'm so excited to show you the most recent quilt pattern from Toni Whitney.  Sea Turtles.  Most of you know how much I love turtles and tortoises so I am thrilled with this new pattern and can't wait to make it.  
I have a very busy schedule coming up.  I'm vending at the Quilts in Bloom show  in Hoffman Estates on Sept. 20 and 21

I'll be giving a lecture in McHenry on Oct. 3rd with a possible workshop on the 5th.  

I go on retreat to Green Lake (Pilgrim Center) with my guild Oct. 17 - 20

I will be vending at the Northshore quilt guild show Autumn Splendor on Oct. 26 and 27

So if you like the pattern and want to purchase one either visit me at one of the shows or shoot me an email.  You will love it.. 

I have a retreat coming up in Dec.  5- 8th... at my friend Chris Daly new quilt retreat.  Woodland Ridge Retreat in Downsville, Wisconsin .. if you would like to join us visit the website and sign up and pay.. We are going to have a really great time...

I had a great time at Quilt Expo in Madison!!  I think my lecture on Thread Sketching and Bead Embellishment went over very well.. I had so many nice comments.  Here I am showing Machingers Gloves to the students.  It was very hot on Saturday so I was kind of dressed casual...

Here is a photo I took of my quilt Zak that was in the show. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A New Quilt Retreat in Wisconsin

My good friend Chris Daly who is owner of Dye Candy has just purchased a great place in northern Wisconsin for Quilt Retreats.  I just have to share the info because I am so excited and plan to get there hopefully very soon..
I would love for you to take a stroll through her blog post about the retreat.  You will be amazed.  I wish Chris all the best!!
You can read about and see photos of Woodland Retreat at the Dye Candy link below.  Or just click on
Woodland Retreat

So you love beautiful hand dyed fabrics check out her shop Dye Candy
Chris will be vending at Quilt Expo Sept. 5, 6, and 7.  I will be helping in her booth when I can.. so I hope to see you there..

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quilt Expo in Madison - in 2 weeks

I'm very excited to once again be giving a couple lectures at Expo this year.  I'm also very excited and can't wait to see the quilts.  This is a great show and I hope you can get there.  

Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center
Madison, Wis.

Getaway to Quilt Expo  
Now in its ninth year, Quilt Expo continues to be an ideal opportunity for quilters to get away, connect with quilting friends, be inspired, learn fresh techniques and discover what’s new in the quilting world. Plan to escape to rejuvenate your quilting spirit by making Quilt Expo your fall destination.
With an abundance of comfortable accommodations, eclectic dining and extraordinary shopping, the greater Madison area offers attendees the perfect three-day getaway.
To learn about driving directions, hotels, services and attractions in the greater Madison area, visit the Quilt Expo website or refer to page 17 of the Advance Registration Guide.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How I started Sewing/Quilting Blog Hop

My mother was not a quilter.  My grandmother was not a quilter.  I think I only had one aunt that quilted and I really wasn't interested.
In 2000 I started rubber stamping cutesy cards.  I went to a Stampin Up party and I was hooked.  About a year and a half later I got into Mixed Media.  That lasted about a year or so.  June of 2003 I had my first sewing machine.  I was making fabric postcards and little fabric atcs and trading them.  I got hooked on Quilting Arts magazine and had to own all of the back issues.  ( and all of the supplies, and still do)!  I talked my sister in getting a sewing machine too.  And we both took our first quilting classes at Patched Works in Elm Grove Oct. 2003.  You can see my first quilt below.
My first quilt... Fun Patches pattern

My teacher was Lisa Garms.  She really encouraged us to dive right in.. And I did.  I tried some fancy variegated free motion... And some fancy stitches in the ditch.

So it was ok... not sure I was really in love with it.. It didn't look like anything I saw in Quilting Arts Magazine.  
Sooo the local Tech college had some classes.. One was called Parallelisms taught by Chris Kirsch 
I signed up for the class April 2004.  I really love the technique and fusing.  She was a great teacher.  We fused fabric and then cut them into little strips.  Fused them to fabric,  added some fancy fabrics and I even couched some rattail cord to it.  Wow.. what a mess but, a pretty mess.. I was so proud.  I never named it.. so I'll call it John Doe #1

My first art quilt
I started to steer more to the art quilts.  I started making them really not knowing what I was doing.  I took many classes and a Seminar with Ricky Tims.  I think he changed my life.  Even though I wasn't fond of traditional quilts he made them easy... Slash and then sew them back together.. it's called CAVEMAN QUILTING.  Crazy Mixed up Chicken was born.  Using the Luella Doss fabrics which I thought were really wild.
Maggie Gordon a quilting friend told me to put this quilt into the show in Cedarburg.  She actually grabbed it from me and took it there herself.  And it won 2nd place.  It was my first ribbon.  I was so happy.
Crazy Mixed Up Chicken

So this is the beginning of my quilting career.  I could go on and on and tell you all about the rest of the nine years after that but I won't.. What I will tell you is what is going on with my quilting now.  And if you want to hear the rest of the nine years my sister and I have a lecture called The Tale of Two Sisters, One Wild and One Crazy. 

I'm still making art quilts.  And making traditional quilts.  ( I have a secret love for them but, I am horrible at quarter inch seams.)  I'm getting better.. they say practice makes perfect.  
Lately I am trying to write some patterns of some Cats and Dogs.  Making them into a workshop.  I have 2 patterns currently Daisy and Dexter.  
My quilt Zak will be hanging at Quilt Expo Sept. 5-7th.  He is one of my most recent quilts.  And 


"Beauty" can be seen in Grand Rapids as part of the Ultimate Guild Challenge with the Milwaukee Art Quilters.

My Quilt called My Blue Heeler, Rosie will be traveling to Houston and will be in an exhibit called It's Raining Cats and Dogs...I am thrilled.  
I will continue to quilt as long as I can because I am hooked!!  Everything about quilting has enriched my life. I have great quilty friends.  I have made some beautiful quilts.  I have bought some beautiful quilts.  Including some very cool vintage quilts.  Traveling to quilt shows and meeting other quilters has been so exciting and fun.  
And one more thing.  Raising money with quilts.  Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative is doing a great job auctioning off quilts for Alzheimer's.  I have a quilt traveling for five years in their exhibit Alzheimer's Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope.
And Studio Art Quilt Association has an amazing auction of quilts made by the members. The auction starts Monday Sept. 9th.  You can go here for more information.

So I am posting this because of a wonderful friend I have meet through quilting had a great idea to do a blog hop.  Cheryl Sleboda is one of the neatest quilter friends I have met.  She loves to share and comes up with these great ideas.. So I would like to share with you the entire list of blogs that you can go to and see what possessed others to go down this crazy path of quilting.  Please visit their blogs and read their stories.. You won't be disappointed.  

Aug 1. Cyndi Zacheis Souder -
Aug 2. Becky Glasby -
Aug 5. Jackie White -
Aug 6. Tracy Mooney -
Aug 9. Catherine Redford -

So I suppose you would get away without seeing one of my more recent traditional quilts. Well, here you go.. Traditional with a Modern look. How do you like that pink paint on the wall.. It's a wonder my daughter got any sleep at all in that room... :-)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Upcoming Show in Minoqua

Hi all...I hope you are enjoying your summer. We have had one beautiful day after another. A little hot at times but, hey isn't that what summer is all about?
I'm going to be vending at the Ladies of the Lake show in Minoqua next weekend. I'm also very excited about it because my sister in law lives up there and I will be able to spend some time with her and my mother in law.. who is going with me. Some of you may not know but, Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. is up for sale. The future is unpredictable right now. I will continue to sell patterns and teach the technique. So many patterns use the same technique. I'm planning on opening an Etsy shop this fall. I am not sure about vending next year as of right now. I have also picked up some of Toni Whitney's patterns that she sells on her website. I'm very excited to be carrying those. So if you get up to the show stop by and say Hi.
I am carrying Liberty patterns and patterns with fabric.
This poppy pattern and kit.
Mistral which I only had the pattern.. now have the kit. Also Pride and Joy and Flo Flo which I only had the pattern.
Also a few other patterns from her.

I also want to tell you about the corrections on the Bigfork Bay Cotton Co page. If you have a pattern I would suggest before you start working on it go to the BFBCC website and on the very bottom click on the Corrections. Just in case your pattern may have one. See you soon..

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Oh No...not a Quarter Inch Seam!!

Well, those of you who know me know I'm not much into accuracy. I hate sewing quarter inch seams. Even with my 1/4" seam foot I get them wrong. Using Bali Pops that are not an accurate 2 1/2 inch didn't help with my daughters quilt. But, I fixed them and used 1/8" seams. Well that will probably come back to bite me.. But, I had no choice.
A good friend of mine Chris Kirsch showed me a way to mark my machine's quarter inch accurately. And so that if I started a project on one machine I could accurately mark the other machine so they both will jive. This is how you do it.
Using a lined notecard you place it under your machine and put your needle into the first line from the bottom.
Putting a piece of tape right along the edge of the card. This will mark my quarter inch. I can take that card and accurately mark my other machine. So they with both be the same 1/4".
When I used my 1/4" foot my seam allowances were always to big.
So do you want to know why I needed this accurate seam allowance.
I found a pattern by Mark Lipinski in the Love of Quilting magazine called Curvy. And yes it really needs to be accurate. I cut out all the fabrics, I decided to use Marcia Derse and a white on white zig zag fabric that I fell in love with as soon as it came in at Patched Works. Knowing how bad I am at piecing I decided to take on this challenge. So I started it today. I have made one block just to see if I was accurate. I found it was ok. Maybe just a few seams were a bit larger than 1/4". So I took them apart and resewed. I think I am getting the hang of it. Sooooo then next challenge is the curved piecing. Again if you know me I never use pins. Well, in this case I am. I love this quilt so much I am willing to give up my throw to the wind attitude and make it right. So far it is going pretty well.
Here is the block before it is cut into a rectangle. And then after I trimmed it. It is a little short by 1/8"or less in 2 places. So I will make a note of that and continue on my journey making all the strips, Cutting out the curves and piecing them. This quilt might take me awhile since I am trying so hard to make it right. Wish me luck on this journey.
To see more of Chris Kirsch's tips visit her blog You will be glad you did!!
PS.. don't ask me where my Tula Blocks are... I gave them up... they are incredibly hard for me to piece since the block pieces are so very small.. Maybe after I master this I will go back and try and make some more of the Tula Blocks.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Opening Day of Summerfest

I always loved to get down to the Summerfest Grounds bright and early on the first day of the show.
The past 2 years I have little to no interest in going. I think it is because I have more fun staying at home and making quilts...
I'm making quilt patterns for another dog and cat. My mom's dog Billy. And one of my cats. I'm going to offer that as a workshop.
You can either make the dog or cat or you can use a photo of your pet. I'm really excited to get that started.

The other workshop I am coming up with is using fabric paper and printing a photo out and using it in a small art quilt.
I like the vintage style but, you can make it modern too. This quilt has a photo of my mom, her dad and her mom back when she was a little girl.
Here are a few photos of my new projects/workshops. The actual
photo of Billy is not the one I used. But, I wanted to show the similarity. I can't find the photo I used because
I made the posterized print out years ago and finally got around to making the quilt.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Daisy.... and more

I received a wonderful email from a gal I met up in Eagle River last year at the quilt show. She made my Daisy pattern and does it ever look cool...
Her Blog is called The Smiling Cat. And you can see the post on Daisy here
She has a Tuxedo cat so she made Daisy into a black and white cat. She has the whole tutorial on how she made her Daisy. Thanks Carole!!

I'm gearing up for the show in Janesville this upcoming weekend. Jessi and I will be trucking down there for the weekend. I just received a fresh batch of patterns too!! More info here

I went to a half day of Wendy Rieves open sew today and put together a pattern I made of my mom's Cavalier King Charles dog... Billy. I'm definitely going to make up patterns for this.. it turned out so cute. I'll post a photo when I am all finished..

Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Well, it isn't raining today but, it seems as though it has been raining for months. I just wanted to let you know that Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. will be coming out with some new patterns at Market in May. So stay tuned and I will post them after market.
I am still hosting open sews on Tues. in May. I know we will meet for sure the first 2 Tuesdays and after that I'm not sure because of a surgery I have to have asap. I'm hoping to get the surgery done the third week of May so I can get back into the swing of things soon after that.
I finished my quilt called Beauty for the Milwaukee Art Quilters Challenge. Color Wheel Opposites. It will be at the It's a Stitch show next weekend in Jackson at the Kettle Moraine High School. I will also be vending that show. My quilt was picked one of 8 to be included in MARQ's quilts for the Ultimate Guild Challenge in Grand Rapids.. Our paperwork is in and now we just wait to see if the quilts make it in.
I also sent a few entries into the Houston show just for the fun of it and maybe just maybe one will make it in. You can't get in if you don't try. Right!!
I'm still working at Patched Works and really love it there. The fabrics are amazing and my fellow workers are awesome!! Wish I could work there forever... Funny to think I took my first quilting class there in Oct. of 2003. I've come full circle I guess..
My sister and I gave our Tale of Two Sisters lecture to the North Shore Quilt Guild last week and I think it was a hit... We had so much fun and they seemed to really enjoy it. I received a nice thank you note from Marla.. it made me smile.
I want to thank everyone who is helping promote my business and my love of quilting. I'm hoping to continue on this journey as long as I can.

I will be doing a Create on the Spot at the IQA show in Rosemont. Friday @12:30 and Sat. @3:00 Bead and Thread Embellishment. It's $10 for the one hour make and take.. Stop by and see me!!

International Quilt Festival
Chicago 2013

June 21-23, 2013
Preview Night June 20
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Rosemont, Illinois
June 20 (Preview Night) - 5-9 p.m.
June 21 & 22 - 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
June 23 - 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Admission: $10 adults/$8 seniors 7 students.
Children 10 and under free.
Full Show Pass (includes Preview Night) - $25

Friday, April 5, 2013


I am planning on Sew Days for Tuesdays in the months of April and May. 9:30- 3:30 at
Immanuel Baptist Church 4250 N. 137th St. Brookfield Wi.
I will also be teaching a thread sketching and embellishing class at Ben Franklins on May 15 and 22 6:00 pm - 8:30
This is a really fun class if you want to improve your free motion quilting skills.

Do you have one of the Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. patterns and are afraid to take it out of the package...Well, this is for you. I will be teaching an all day BFBCC class on June 29th most likely at the same church as the open sew. 9-4. I would like to know at least 2 weeks ahead of time if you want to take the class. The cost is $35.00.
Please email or call me if you are interested in the open sews or the BFBCC class.

Crazy Quilters Show

Hi all.. I will be vending at the Crazy Quilters Show in Mukwanago, WI. this weekend. Sat. 9-5 and Sun. 10-4
I hope to see many of you there.. it is always a really great juried show. My quilt Beauty will be in the show. This will be its first showing.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blog Hop is over and the winners are.....

I want to thank all of you for visiting my blog this past week. I was amazed at how many comments I have received. I went on a generate random number website and had it pick my winners... So drum roll please....
First Place winner is Linda and the second place winner is ytsmom. Thanks again to all of you that entered and liked my facebook page. Keep in touch I might be having random giveaways in the future.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Winter Blog Hop/Giveaway...

What beats the winter blues more than giveaways? Giveaways in a Winter Blog Hop!! I love being a part of these blog hops. They are so much fun.. And once in awhile I get lucky!! Will you be the lucky winner on my BLOG?
The fun starts Friday March 8 later in the afternoon... Please don't post until after 4pm Central Standard Time. This Blog Hop will be open until Sat. March 16th. Sunday March 17th I will announce the winner.

I'm very excited to be a part of the Winter Blog Hop. Click on the Blog Hop image below to take you to the webpage that you can see the list of all the blogs that are participating. Let the fun begin.
Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

As far as my blog goes I have a great giveaway. To get your name entered into the hat please write a short comment telling me what kind of fusible you like the best and then go to my facebook page and like it ( if you are on facebook).

Now I suppose you want to know what you can win. I love Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. patterns and I am going to give out 2 prizes. The first prize is Sunday Stroll Pattern with Fabric Kit. The second prize will be 12 pack of Print and Fuse. A fusible web on a paper that you can run through your inkjet printer. Below you will see the pattern and the batik fabric that come in the kit.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beat the Winter Blues

Hi all!! I'm going to be participating in a blog hop giveaway starting at the end of the week.. Watch for my post later this week!! I'm going to have a great prize. You won't want to miss it!! For more info go here..

Monday, February 25, 2013

Winter Show in West Bend

It was a snowy weekend but, it didn't stop the quilters from attending the Winter Quilt Show. It was a fun day! A great place to spend the day in the middle of winter. About a month ago I had taught a workshop at Common Threads Quilt Guild and the gals made my patterns Daisy and Dexter. One of the gals stopped by my booth to show me her finished quilt.. It was so cute.. She embellished it with beads and little buttons that looked like bees. And I received an email from another one of the gals with her finished Daisy quilt. So I wanted to share them with you. I love seeing how different each one is and how each student puts their own twist into the quilt. Thanks ladies for sharing these with me!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hi all, hope you enjoyed our beautiful snow the other day. I couldn't help but, take numerous photos. It was like a White Winterland. Please forward this email to whomever you think might be interested. Also if you would like to be removed from this newsletter please let me know.

I just wanted to let you know what is going on the next few months.
I have scheduled some open sews at Immanuel Baptist Church in Brookfield. They have a huge room with lots of windows and there are no stairs!! That is a plus when you are hauling a machine and everything else. They are located 2 blocks east of Lilly on Hope. Hope is about 3 blocks north of Capital and about 5 blocks south of Lisbon. 4250 N 137th St, Brookfield, WI 53005
I have 3 scheduled as of now. Bring your projects!!! Let's get some of those UFO's finished!! Please RSVP if you can come for the Open Sews. ANd please bring show and tell.

Weds. Feb. 27 12:30-4:30
Tues. Mar. 12 10:00-4:00
Weds. Mar. 20 12:30-4:30

I am sorry for you Saturday sewers. I have been working on Sats. at PW so I am not able to set up Saturday sew days.

The cost will go to renting of the room. It is a little more expensive than Zion. So I am asking for $6.00 for the afternoons and $9.00 for the whole day. I have a large ironing surface and iron that I bring and a table top size cutting mat.
They have a kitchen so you can bring a lunch.
I looked at the space today and it is really nice.
Please let me know if you can make it. I would like to have at least 3 people to make a go of it. And if you need any help with projects I will be more than happy to help you.

FEBRUARY 23, 2013 is the Winter Quilt show at Washington County Fairpark.. I will have a booth there and will be giving a 45 minute lecture in the afternoon. Make sure you stop in and say Hi.. I will be debuting the new patterns from BFBCC and another new pattern from Toni Whitney. The show is open from 9 - 4pm.

I will be vending at the Crazy Quilters Show again this year in Mukwanago. April 6 and 7.

I am teaching a class on Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. patterns 2 nights at Ben Franklin. Both on thursdays. So bring your pattern and let's get started!!
April 4 6:00 - 8:30
April 18 6:00 - 8:30

The first weekend in May 4 and 5 I will be vending at It's a Stitch Quilt show in Jackson. I was there last year and this is a really good show.

Another note : West Suburban Quilt Guild is having Robbi Joy Eklow for a lecture and a full day worksnop which is open to the public on May 11. This is going to be a great class to take. She has a great technique. I know you won't want to miss it.. Let me know if you would like to come. The cost for non members is $55 which isn't bad. She has taught all over the world.

2 weeks after Robbi's Workshop I will be at the Rock Valley Quilt Show in Janesville, Wi. May 18 and 19.

Also in May: I am teaching a thread sketching/embellishing class at Ben Franklin. May 15 and 22 , 6- 8:30. This is a great class to learn how to embellish those projects with thread. I like to use large flower prints and use the thread to emphasize the flowers.

And don't forget that the IQA show is going to be in Chicago June 21-23. I will be doing a one hour "Create on the Spot" make and take class on embellishing.

Well, that is all for now. Enjoy Spring!! Soon the flowers will be blooming and the days will be longer and we won't have to be cooped up in the house!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Year

Happy New Year! I can't believe another year has passed.  I have had so much fun the past year with lectures and workshops.  Thank you to all of you who have supported me through the year.
I'm still looking for a full time job but, in the meantime I continue to receive phone calls from guilds and shops wanting me to lecture or teach.  I am very blessed.
I have a few exciting events coming up I thought you might want to know about.

I will be vending at the winter quilt show on Feb. 23, 2013.  It is a one day show.  It will be held at the Washington County fairgrounds.  For more info here is the website.

I will be teaching a workshop and giving a lecture at Common Threads on January 23, 2013. They meet St. James Parish in Menomonee Falls.  The meetings start at 10:00.

Ben Franklin in Oconomowoc has invited me to teach 2 classes there this spring.
April 4 and April 18 from 6:00pm - 8 :30pm I will be teaching a Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. class.  Ben Franklin has patterns and fabrics there for the class.  Or if you already have a pattern or a pattern and fabric and want to learn the steps to putting it together this is the class for you.  More info on their website

This is Romancing Red a fun easy pattern to learn.

I will also be teaching a class on what I like to call Thread Sketching.  It is like thread painting but, not so elaborate.  This class is about embellishing with thread, beads, buttons.. etc.  The first week I will show you how to thread sketch and you will be practicing on quilt sandwiches.  Then you will take a piece of printed fabric and embellish it with your thread sketching.  It's a lot of fun!!
These classes are May 15 and May 22.  6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.