Sunday, May 13, 2018

Quilt Expo 2018

Quilt Expo 2018 

If you haven’t been to Quilt Expo in Madison yet you really need to go.  I haven’t missed a show since it’s beginning 14 years ago.  My first couple years I was in awe with meeting the teachers and taking classes and lectures.  I would say to myself some day I’m going to teach here.  Well    I did start teaching at Quilt Expo and I haven’t missed a year since. They graciously  accept my proposals now every year.  Some years I lecture everyday. Some like last year I lectured once. Many years I entered quilts in the show.  And seeing your quilt in a show is so amazing. 
Last year was a big year for Expo.  Ricky Tim’s came to Wisconsin to share his art. 
Ricky is know for Caveman Quilting. Convergence quilts, Kaleidoscope quilts among a few.  But most importantly Alex Anderson and he are hosts to “The Quilt Show”. An amazing online quilt community with his fantastic show.  It’s not just the shows on the website but you can have access to everything quilting.  It’s. A huge family with one thing in common.  QUILTING. For me I love looking at the albums of quilts made by people all over the world.  Yes it’s  international !!  It’s where I go when my creativity goes south.  Hours and hours of international and national teachers sharing their techniques with Alex, Ricky and the audience in over 250 hour long shows.  Check it out.

Getting back to Quilt Expo.  I have been asked again this year to teach and lecture.  This year I will be teaching Ricky Tim’s Convergence Quilts.  Thank you to Ricky for allowing me to teach his technique.  A fun way to take 4 fabrics, cut them up in a way to converge them into a beautiful quilt. 
Friday morning I will be teaching my Thread Sketching and Bead Embellishment lecture.  One of my favorite.  With a trunk show of quilts. 
They have free stage presentations. 126 lectures that  are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.   Sit down classes and hands on workshops.  You can sew for charity too.  And “sew” much more. Watch for the 2018 schedule to come out soon!  

It feels so good to get back into teaching and lecturing.  I took a few years off of lecturing to guilds and teaching at shops.  Well. I’m back... for good!  Quilting is my passion.  Not much can get in the way of me and my quilting.  

I’m available to lecture or teach at your guilds or shops.  I love sharing my passion with other quilters.

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