Friday, May 26, 2017

AQS Quilt Show in Paducah

Did I say FUN?  Yes I did!!   

I just wanted to touch on our trip, my first trip to Paducah to the AQS show.  I was lucky to have gone with 2 very special women.  Chris and Eileen.  Chris has been going to Paducah for so many years I lost track.  Every year she helps hang the quilts and take them down.  What a wonderful experience that was for me.  Up close and personal with the wall quilts.  I did't take many photos because I bought the show book
On our way in to Paducah Chris pointed out the Flying Geese ( the bridge)  It was especially neat because the Quilt Museum's challenge this year for New Quilts from Old Favorites was Flying Geese block.  I was excited to go to the museum to see Chris's quilt.  Hers was picked to be in the show and travel for 4 years along with the other quilts.  They were all pretty amazing.  a link to the Museum's website.  A link to the book you can buy with the quilts from the Flying Geese Exhibit.  I personally love these books and buy them every year.

Let me talk about food for a minute.  Chris knew
all the good restaurants and coffee shops.  We had Bubble Tea and some really good meals.  I especially loved the Mexican Restaurant that we lived above for the week.

The show was so much fun and so were the classes I took.  Chris had a display of her quilts and she included mine in the window of the Mexican restaurant down below our bed and breakfast. The owner Paul who also owns the bed and breakfast made it so nice for us to display our quilts.
Chris's quilts and book in the window

My quilt in the window with Chris's

I know there were a lot more great times there I'm just trying to make this short. 
I hope to go again maybe in a few years.  I got a few things from the vendors that 
needed and was looking for.  All in all I did pretty well shopping.  I came home 
with money.
Flying Geese Bridge

Show Catalog

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