Friday, February 10, 2017

Lost Creativity ??

I would like to talk a bit about my personal journey trying to find creativity again.  When you go through something tramatic it's hard to find your creativity.  From what I have learned that is ok.  You can step back and take the break you need to get your life on track again.  I had to cancel classes I was teaching and could barely make it to some of my lectures but, I did.  Some things you just have to do when you are feeling down.  You grab yourself by the butt and say "I can do this". So many people I know loose their creativity for one reason or another.  Some don't even know why.  Here are my suggestions.
Scan the internet or books for ideas.  Just so that your brain can suck up some inspiration.
Take a class.
Go out of your box and try something different.  Something maybe easier that doesn't take as much time.  Sometimes we need some instant gratification.  If you are a quilter make a small postcard out of fabric. This just keeps you in the loop.
I started running before my traumatic experience and boy if I didn't have my running I don't know what would have happened to me.. I ran my crazies right out of me most of the time.  Not to say I didn't think about what I was going through 24/7 but it made me feel a bit free of it even for the 45 mins it took to run that 5K.
Life is never easy and every once in awhile we need to step back and take a break.. And tell yourself you will be back to whatever soon.  I sat on the couch for months watching the Boob Tube but, it was what I had to do at that time.  I stayed in the house.  I still do...  probably more than I should.  But, I have come to realize that I have to take One Day at a Time.  I know that is Cliche to say but for me that is how I live everyday.

I wanted to write about this briefly today because I am spending the day in my studio having a total blast and thanking God for getting me through my tough period in my life.  (not to say there won't be more, because I just went through another one) But, I have my creativity back and am enjoying it so much.. Listening to music, making prayer flags today.  I will post them when I am done.

I'll leave you with a few photos to help you get out of your creative slump.

A Challenge using vintage wedding ring block pieces.  I turned mine
into hexies and made the center of the flowers. 

Look to the Cross. 
 A quilt using rusted and tea stained fabric. 

Rosie, My Blue Heeler. The Blues challenge. 

One of my favorite quilts from a brown paper bag object challenge.
We had to put any object in a brown paper bag and whoever got it
had to use it in the quilt.  I recieved the pods.  I bought some more
and used them to stamp with fabric paint on some of the fabrics.
This quilt hangs in my den.  It is very fragile so it pretty much stays put.
It's called Estranged Love  

Having fun dancing between seams!! Happy I have my creativity back!! 
Thanks for stopping by!!

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