Friday, February 3, 2017

Let's Talk Leather

Let me introduce you to my friend Cathy Vaniford Wiggins.  Cathy is an award
winning quilter, teacher, lecturer and an all around super nice gal.  A few years back
Cathy decided to experiment with leather and quilting.  You can read more about her
journey and see more of her amazing leather pieces on her website...

I have been following Cathy's journey since I started quilting.  When I first started quilting
 she was  making story quilts.  I fell in love with them.  I have never tried to make one
because there is so much going on.  Here are a few of her Story Quilts. 

Cathy Wiggins - What's Brewing 
Cathy Wiggins - Christmas Eve ABC"S

Cathy Wiggins - Oscar A Dragon's Tale

This Dragon quilt was the inspiration for Cathy to try and quilt with leather.  
I won't go into her whole story.  If you are a member of The Quilt Show she is 
a guest on one of the shows.  She shows some of her story quilts and her leather 
quilts.  You can see her technique too.  I love the quilt show.     If you aren't a 
member don't walk but, run to your computer and join.  The amount of information 
and videos will not only inspire you but, you can learn new techniques 
to try on your own.

You can also read about Oscar on the Superior Thread Website.  Another 

one of my favorite places to shop.
So now you ask me why I am posting about Leather Quilts..  Watching Cathy on 

The Quilt Show and seeing her posts on Facebook really inspired me.  And it 
seems as though I am not alone.  Last weekend I went online to see if I could 
find a good deal on some leather so I too could play with leather quilts.
Yesterday my package arrived.  I am thrilled.  Now I just have to find the time to 

play with it.

Here  is another amazing quilt of Cathy's. 

Again you can see Cathy's information on her website. 
and FYI she is teaching in Houston this fall!!! 

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