Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bigfork Bay Cotton Co and Crazy Quilters Show

Don't forget I will be vending next weekend at the Crazy Quilters show in Mukwonago. I will have the last of the BFBCC patterns (kits) since I can't get many of them anymore. I am also teaching a class on BFBCC patterns at Ben Franklin May 30th. So you can buy and pattern or kit and come to the class and I'll help you put it together.. Call Ben Franklin Crafts to sign up . 
(262) 567-0271
I have a few of these new Toni Whitney patterns and kits.  I'll be working on the turtles while I'm there.. They are my favorite. 


  1. How cool are those designs Laura! Wonderful.

  2. I have many of the BFB patterns/ kits and have made 4 of them so far. They are absolutely beautiful! I am getting ready to start the elephant, and I seem to remember a big correction on their website about that pattern. But now the website is gone, and I'm stuck. Do you know any info about their corrections, or where I might find them? Thanks so much for helping me. I really appreciate any ideas you might have.

    Thank you!!
    Jane Palmer