Friday, March 27, 2020

Safer at Home

 Hey everyone!  Long time no see.  I'm not sure if blogging is becoming a thing of the past or not.  But, I do like writing and I do like to share with my friends.  So I would like to start blogging again.  I have an alarm set for every Friday morning to write my blog.  I never turned it off. So I am going to start today.
Just wanted to share a few things. Who's making Facemasks? Who needs some cute simple little projects to whip up?  I'm going to share a few with you today.
I tried making some facemasks yesterday and then last night I found a easier way to make them which I'm going to do today.  The hospital near us is very particular on how they want there facemarks to be made.  Those I found out yesterday are for the "confident" sewer.  Well that's not me.. so I'm going to try and construct my facemasks today from this video.


Another quick and easy project I found was a Jar Opener.  Check it out.  I'm definitely going to make one of these today.  I actually needed one yesterday so this will be perfect.


And here are a few quilting projects I have been working on.  Really getting back into the swing of things.  Family things have settled down and I am back to doing what I enjoy!! 

Finally getting this one done.  It's for our bed.  Sending it off to Albuquerque to have my friend
Terrie quilt it. 

Just some 15 minutes of play blocks. 

A quilt panel with piano key borders I started at retreat
and finished a few weeks ago. 
My Dog Buddy.  Finished this in February for a Challenge.
I had the color Violet and you could use black and white.  I
also had the emotion Silly.
It's what is on my long arm right now.  A Mickey quilt for my grandson. 

Friday, September 20, 2019

A New Lecture is coming!!

I'm tickled pink about being able to do a demo/lecture at the Quilt Fest at Ben Franklin Crafts in Oconomowoc again this year.  I was scratching my head on what I could come up that would be new to me and to the quilters.  So I decided to do a lecture on my process of turning a photo into a quilt top. There are so many different ways that I have learned.  I guess I put a couple of the techniques into my own technique.  Which I'm sure there are others out there doing the exact same thing. As I'm working on this little quilt I keep thinking of other ways to do things.  So this demo/lecture may be modified in the future.
Quilt Fest is Sat and Sunday Oct. 5th and 6th.  I will be demoing on Saturday at 1:15.  My lecture is called My Quilts have gone to the Dogs ( or Cats) and of course now I have thought of a better name for it. It will be called Animal Expressions or Photo Expressions.  I don't really do people but, I do make quilts out of flower photos so I guess I don't want to limit it to animals. So I have to noodle on that one.
So here is my photo that I took last winter in my backyard.  A Femal Cardinal. They say when you see a Cardinal it is someone that has passed away visiting you.  Let's call this Cardinal Carol. That's my mom.
I'm not going to go through the whole process but, I will show you some of the progress photos.  What I like about this technique is you can change fabrics if you don't like the first one you picked.

So I make a black and white copy and do a line drawing.  Then print that out and a mirror image.  So as not to give the rest of my lecture away I'm going to just stop here.  

So as you see I was going to make her beak yellow. 
Then I looked at it and I wasn't a fan.  I looked at the 
photo and noticed... DuH!!  The beak is red.  This to 
me made a huge difference in the looks of the bird.

In the photo above I was going to use fabric to show the separation of the feathers.
That did not thrill me so I decided to use a sharpie marker and when the time comes
I'll use thread when I'm quilting it.

So here is my Cardinal so far.  She is starting to look pretty good.  I work on a applique pressing sheet with a acetate piece behind it for placement of the pieces.  I can also bring the acetate piece on top of it for accuracy.  Accuracy you say?  Nope that's more like a 4 letter word to me.  Yes you need some accuracy but, this is a work of art and you can change anythng you like. And so I do.  See that little brown piece that looks out of place... It is!  So that's coming off. 

I will post a photo when I am finished.  So come see me at Ben Franklin's Quilt Fest or have me 
come an lecture to your guild to get the rest of the technique.  You too can easilly turn your 
photos into a quilt. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Wow I can't believe how time flies.  My last post was about picking a background fabric for my Octopus and now it's done.  I made it for a challenge with Threadbenders called Octabulous.  There were 17 people who made a quilt.  We had Carol Butzke, a IQA judge and dear friend come and judge our quilts for the top 8 to be entered into the Ultimate Guild Challenge.  God is so good. My quilt, " have you seen my octopus" was picked as one of the 8.  Next step is to send photos to IQA and see if we are accepted.  The show is in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  See link below.

So here is my quilt.  And below are links to photos of all of the quilts from the Threadbenders challenge. What an amazing group of women. I must admit I have missed too many meetings. Life just got in the way but, I'm on the road to recovery and am planning on getting to all the meetings that have been put on the back burner that past 6 months.

Friday, December 7, 2018

A Challenge... picking background fabric.

Hey everyone!  I decided to share a quilt I'm working on right now.
But first.... I'm speaking to Sheboygan Quilter this upcoming Wednesday.  I'm giving my Thread Sketching and Bead Embellishing Lecture.  Which is my favorite!!

So I'm working on this Octopus. I drew the pattern free hand. And all the pieces have fusible and will be overlapped and fused to the background.  I'm trying to find the perfect background. I finally found something on Equilter that I thought would work and I'm hoping its delivered today.  I would like to get this quilt done by Mid January.  As I put the fabrics together I like to take photos and look at it on my computer or tablet.  I noticed after I was basically almost finished with it that there was too much orange/yellow on the left side and not enough of a defined area where the 2 Octopus arms meet. So I changed it around alittle.  See photos below.

This Octopus is so busy that I need a easy on the eyes background.  And because he is kind of whimsical I'm not trying to make this look like a actual underwater scene.  I'm also trying to thinkg of a good name for my Octopus.  If you think of something let me know. Maybe I'll have a contest on Facebook.

As you can see the Octopus gets lost in some of the fabrics.  This first one is my choice if the one I ordered doesn't work.  But, if you see how that orange/yellow stands out that is when I realized I needed to change that.

This was my favorite so far. 

This one is too busy.  And the pears in the background are too big. 

This fabric is too busy.

He gets lost on this background. 

So this is the photo that shows the changes I have made to the left side of the Octopus.  The one on the right is better.  I still have some tweaking to do but, I will do that after I have it fused to the backgound fabric. 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Visiting in Surprise, Arizona

Just thought I would share a few photos of my trip. There are alot of different birds.  I did get down to a quilt shop in Phoenix. It’s called 35th Ave. Sew and Vac. It’s a huge beautiful store.  I spoke with Raymond and I will be teaching a class there in January.  Actually 2 classes.  One in th morning and one in the afternoon.  January 26, 2019. Ricky Tim’s Convergence Class.  I’m super excited. Here is the website for the shop.
We went hiking in the White Tank Regional Park.
It was a beautiful day as most of the days have been since we have been here.  So good to spend time with my dad and sister.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Ricky Tim’s Convergence Quilt Class

Quilt Expo runs for 3 days every year in Madison Wisconsin. I was very blessed this year to teach 3 classes on Convergence Quilts.  A pattern developed by Ricky Tim’s.  I also gave a lecture  on Thread Sketching.  I wanted to share photos of my students finished quilt tops.  Each one was unique and one more beautiful than the next. The first photo is Denise.  She is my BFF and my saving grace.  With a classroom on 24 people I had to be all over the room.  Denise took a crash course on Convergence Quilts the night before by reading Ricky's book and helped my both Thursday and Friday in my classroom.  And Saturday she had time to take my class.  Her quilt turned out beautiful.  Thank you Denise for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you. I hope you all enjoy viewing these amazing quilt tops. And as Ricky would say..... WHOOOO!!!! HOOOOO!!!  Most of the students got theirs done in class!!  

If you have friends and want to get together to do this class I am offering it at Ben Franklin in Oconomowoc.  Or just contact me.  I can come to stores or guilds to teach this too.