Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Little Bit of Quilting....

I have been so sick for the past 2 weeks but,  finally yesterday I was feeling good and since it was National Quilting Day I thought for sure I would get some quiliing done.
I left in the morning and visited my favorite quilt shop Patched Works in Elm Grove to try and find the perfect batik for my panel quilt that I am working on for the challenge with Oconomowoc Quilt Guild.  I could't find the perfect batik in the 2 1/2 containers of batiks that my sister gave me.  I did however find one I liked.  This was it.

So I took it to Patched Works to look for the perfect batik and I was very lucky to 
have found it.  It was bright.  Most of the other multi colored batiks were too dark.  
This one was perfect as you are about to see.

And as long as I was there thought I would pick up a backing.  I was going to go minky but, ended up with a beautiful turquoise flannel.  I thought with this color it could be a quilt for a girl or a boy. 

I finally did get a chance to work on my panel quilt today.  I was having a emotional day and knew I needed to go into the studio and make some art.. 
So here is what I have so far.  I really like it.  I have had this panel for many years and I hope that this quilt can bring a smile to the guilds face and whoever recieves it.  Of course I am not finished yet.  I'm going to be adding some more borders and who knows what else I might come up with. 

If you are in the Oconomowoc area and would like to join a great group.  Oconomowoc Quilters is really fun.  We have a retreat every year at the Pilgrim Center in Green Lake.  And we meet the 3rd Thursday of the month at Lord of Life church on Hwy P. and Lake St.  All are Welcome.  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

T Shirt Quilts

So the past 1 1/2 weeks I have been sick on the couch.  And I'm still not 100%.  So I missed my usual Friday post.  I just wanted to show you a very slick way to make T Shirt Quilts.  This is a technique I took a class last summer from Wendy Rieves at Franks Sewing Center in Waukesha, WI.
It is quilt as you go.  You use fusible on both sides batting.  I don't think I would have ever made a tshirt quilt the traditional way with stabilizer and all that jazz.. This way I might even make another one.  I had a lot of fun quilting them and I added some things to a couple of the squares.
These aren't the best photos.
Obviously the front each square quilted separately

The back.  I had fun with this. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017


I don't know about you but, I love challenges.  Most of my first quilts that I made were from Challenges.  There are so many challenges on the internet you can get into. Or in your guilds, or art quilt groups.
I started in Milwaukee Art Quilters. Getting involved in the challenges were offered.  Now I am involved in a challenge with our new Art quilt group Threadbenders.  The challenge is called Anything goes.  We are having so much fun with this challenge because it is a round robin of sorts.  You read about it and see our progress here.

I'm going to post some of my challenge quilts.

This was a Hoffman Challenge from 2008. We had to use
the fabric below in the quilt.  I used the peacock tails
for tall leaves coming up from the garden.  This quilt was
picked to travel for a year. 

Image result for hoffman challenge 2008
The fabric for the 2008 Hoffman Challenge 
This quilt was made from a grab bag challenge.  You were to look around your house and find some object
to put in a brown paper bag.  Mine had a couple of these Lotus Seed Pods in it.  So I decided to go and buy a few
more so that I could use them as a stamp.  I used textile paint and some silk fabric to stamp some images.  I used some of
that fabric along with some of my overdyed and overdyed from Quilt Tapestry Studio.  I love Wendy's overdid
fabrics and SOCKS!!  

This was a paint chip challenge.  We had to find 2 colored paint chips. One that started out with our first name "L" and one with our last name "K"  So I found Lagoon and Kalamata Olive.  Using those 2 fabrics I took one of my photos from the Milwaukee County Zoo and made Zak.  I made Zak first and then auditioned him on background fabrics.  None of them worked for me until I realized I had made Zebra fabric curtains for my daughters room.. I ran upstairs and brought one down and decided that was it!!  This was a challenge with West Suburban Quilt Guild. 

This is my dog... she is a Blue Heeler 

Milwaukee Art Quilters had a challenge called "the blues".  I am not a fan of the color Blue.   So after the challenge was announced I went home thinking I'm not going to do that challenge.  I told my husband about it and he said, " why wouldn't you do it?  Our dog is a Blue Heeler.  A light bulb immediately lit up in my head and so here is Rosie, My Blue Heeler. 

My quilt of Rosie was in Houston for the "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" exhibit.  I was so honored!!  Then a few months later the Quilt Mania magazine from New Zealand came out.  And there in the middle of it was Rosie.  I mean I was shocked.  I was on the same pages with internationally famous quilters.  It was very exciting. 
So really you never know where a quilt can take you.  You might make it for one challenge and then it is picked for a show.  Just make it fun!! 

This was a small challenge. Chris Kirsch handed out vintage double wedding ring pieces and we were to make something out of them.  At that time I was into making Hexies.  So I took the pieces and cut them into squares and made hexies out of them for the center of the flowers.  This was a really fun challenge.  Everything is fused onto the background fabric. 

I made this quilt for a rusted fabric challenge.  Most of the brown that you see is rusted muslin.  The grey and white is tea stained.  I call this Look to the Cross.  I didn't make it into the challenge but, it was in quite a few local shows.  Trying a new technique.  There is tulle over the middle of the cross and the litttle dots are actually beads that I had sewn on. 
Well, that is about all I have time for today.. If you have an idea for a challenge please comment below.  I'm always looking for a good challenge.
My next challenge that I will be working on is taking a photo and making an abstract quilt from it.  This is our next Threadbenders challenge.  March is when we pick the photo.  This, I l might add, was one of my ideas.  I did one years ago at a shop called Fabric Fusion in  Brown Deer, WI.  The store is no longer there but, I have found the original Quilting Arts magazine where the idea came from and I still have my quilt.  It was just a small challenge so the quilt is only about 8x10".
There were so many more challenges I couldn't post them all.

You can see more on my friend Chris Kirsch's blog.  On the right side bar you click on challenges.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Not your average Post

This is mostly a advertisment for a workshop I am hosting.  I will write my regular post tomorrow.. I just wanted to let you all know that I am having Barbara Yates Beasley here in Wisconsin for a workshop on June 11, 2017.  Here's all the info.  Let me know if you are interested.  Barbara lives in Boulder Co. and seldom gets to the Midwest.  So I am a very lucky gal.. You could be lucky too if you sign up for her class.  You can also see her newsletter here..

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Taking a break...

Hey all... I am going to take a break from blogging this week.. I know the topic I want to talk about but,  I am having trouble finding the time.. so stay tuned for next hopefully friday but, maybe sat where I want to talk about Challenges.  And in the meantime if you have any cool challenge ideas or challenge quilts you would like me to share either FBmessage me or leave a message below and I will contact you.  Have a great week!!  

Friday, February 10, 2017

Lost Creativity ??

I would like to talk a bit about my personal journey trying to find creativity again.  When you go through something tramatic it's hard to find your creativity.  From what I have learned that is ok.  You can step back and take the break you need to get your life on track again.  I had to cancel classes I was teaching and could barely make it to some of my lectures but, I did.  Some things you just have to do when you are feeling down.  You grab yourself by the butt and say "I can do this". So many people I know loose their creativity for one reason or another.  Some don't even know why.  Here are my suggestions.
Scan the internet or books for ideas.  Just so that your brain can suck up some inspiration.
Take a class.
Go out of your box and try something different.  Something maybe easier that doesn't take as much time.  Sometimes we need some instant gratification.  If you are a quilter make a small postcard out of fabric. This just keeps you in the loop.
I started running before my traumatic experience and boy if I didn't have my running I don't know what would have happened to me.. I ran my crazies right out of me most of the time.  Not to say I didn't think about what I was going through 24/7 but it made me feel a bit free of it even for the 45 mins it took to run that 5K.
Life is never easy and every once in awhile we need to step back and take a break.. And tell yourself you will be back to whatever soon.  I sat on the couch for months watching the Boob Tube but, it was what I had to do at that time.  I stayed in the house.  I still do...  probably more than I should.  But, I have come to realize that I have to take One Day at a Time.  I know that is Cliche to say but for me that is how I live everyday.

I wanted to write about this briefly today because I am spending the day in my studio having a total blast and thanking God for getting me through my tough period in my life.  (not to say there won't be more, because I just went through another one) But, I have my creativity back and am enjoying it so much.. Listening to music, making prayer flags today.  I will post them when I am done.

I'll leave you with a few photos to help you get out of your creative slump.

A Challenge using vintage wedding ring block pieces.  I turned mine
into hexies and made the center of the flowers. 

Look to the Cross. 
 A quilt using rusted and tea stained fabric. 

Rosie, My Blue Heeler. The Blues challenge. 

One of my favorite quilts from a brown paper bag object challenge.
We had to put any object in a brown paper bag and whoever got it
had to use it in the quilt.  I recieved the pods.  I bought some more
and used them to stamp with fabric paint on some of the fabrics.
This quilt hangs in my den.  It is very fragile so it pretty much stays put.
It's called Estranged Love  

Having fun dancing between seams!! Happy I have my creativity back!! 
Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Let's Talk Leather

Let me introduce you to my friend Cathy Vaniford Wiggins.  Cathy is an award
winning quilter, teacher, lecturer and an all around super nice gal.  A few years back
Cathy decided to experiment with leather and quilting.  You can read more about her
journey and see more of her amazing leather pieces on her website...

I have been following Cathy's journey since I started quilting.  When I first started quilting
 she was  making story quilts.  I fell in love with them.  I have never tried to make one
because there is so much going on.  Here are a few of her Story Quilts. 

Cathy Wiggins - What's Brewing 
Cathy Wiggins - Christmas Eve ABC"S

Cathy Wiggins - Oscar A Dragon's Tale

This Dragon quilt was the inspiration for Cathy to try and quilt with leather.  
I won't go into her whole story.  If you are a member of The Quilt Show she is 
a guest on one of the shows.  She shows some of her story quilts and her leather 
quilts.  You can see her technique too.  I love the quilt show.     If you aren't a 
member don't walk but, run to your computer and join.  The amount of information 
and videos will not only inspire you but, you can learn new techniques 
to try on your own.

You can also read about Oscar on the Superior Thread Website.  Another 

one of my favorite places to shop.
So now you ask me why I am posting about Leather Quilts..  Watching Cathy on 

The Quilt Show and seeing her posts on Facebook really inspired me.  And it 
seems as though I am not alone.  Last weekend I went online to see if I could 
find a good deal on some leather so I too could play with leather quilts.
Yesterday my package arrived.  I am thrilled.  Now I just have to find the time to 

play with it.

Here  is another amazing quilt of Cathy's. 

Again you can see Cathy's information on her website. 
and FYI she is teaching in Houston this fall!!! 

Friday, January 27, 2017

My New Long Arm

I am so excited to be the owner of a new Babylock Coronet.  Wendy and Brad from Franks Sewing Center came over on Weds. and set it up for me.  Wendy showed me the bobbin winder and some of the basics that I needed to know to get started.  As soon as they left I started working on a small quilt that I had put together with blocks from a class I took with Victoria Findley Wolfe.  By the way if you ever get a chance to take a class with her "Do It". She is an amazing teacher.  This is opening up a whole new way of quiltiing for me.  I am so excited to be able to quilt my own traditional quilts as well as my art quilts.  I will however still do most of my art quilting on my Babylock Espire unless of course they are really large.  I have a lot of practicing to do with my new machine.  I just did some random stippleing on this quilt.  It was so much fun!! 
I have never had a need to take any long arm classes but, now I will because I need to soak up all I can to learn about these beasts.  Speaking of beasts...I need to come up with a name for my machine.  I think most people name their machines. If you have any ideas please leave me a comment.  
Someone mentioned the other day how blogs font size are sometimes too small for people to read.  So I am going to start using a larger font. I hope it works for everyone. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Having Some Fun With Panels

Last night at Oconomowoc Quilt Guild our speaker was a guild member.  Dawn Thurow, owner of The Country Quilter. She lectured on different ways to use panels. She also had an awesome trunk show of quilts she has made with panels.  All the variations she showed were amazing.  She gave me permission to share a few of them with you.  Dawn has been quilting for many years and has her own long arm business.  She has quilted many of my quilts.  All I say to her is "go for it " and she works her magic and I get the quilt back and it is beautiful. Here are a few of Dawn's Panel Quilts.
Tree of Life made by Dawn Thurow

Beatles panel cut up made by Dawn Thurow

So as Dawn was talking last night about panel quilts I thought to myself I know I made at least 2.  I realized that I had made more as I was going through my photos to find panel quilts for this blog post.  Most of my panel quilts are quite simple except the one I made for my husband.  A flannel quilt that I love to cuddle up under. 
My husband's quilt before quilting. 

My girlfriend's daughter loves horses so I made this very simple quilt for her. 

Darya's Quilt ( which I quilted myself ) 

Then I made a panel quilt for my dad. He owned a Cessna 180 and would fly up to our cottage in Canada to go fishing.  So he really loved this quilt. 

Mrs. Blackford's Quilt. 

 My son had the best teaching in all the world.  I knew she loved Cats.  So I had been collecting Laurel Burch fabrics and decided to take one of the panels and make her a quilt. 

The very last panel quilt was this one.  It is quilted now and I just have to put a binding on it.  It turned out really cool.. I have Jen Wehr to thank for the pattern.  They had it at Patchworks and it was simple enough for me but, really gave the panel a dramatic border. 

So I guess I made a few more panel quilts than I thought.  And I plan on making more.  Dawn gave us a challenge last night to make a panel quilt by the May meeting.  So I think I am going to try and get one done.  I have about 10 panels that I have to choose from.  Then the quilts that are made will be donated after the meeting.  

One more thing.  I want to show you 2 books.  One I have and one Dawn brought last night.  If you need some ideas for panel quilts/ or table runners check out these books.  
I would love to see what you do with your panels.  Send me an email at with a photo.  I may revisit this topic again down the line and would love to share some of your photos.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A New Facebook Group

I'm always trying to find out what teachers are in the area teaching.  Or giving lectures to a guild.  So decided to make this facebook group called
Midwest Lectures, Workshops and Classes
It open to everyone you just have to ask to join.
Here is what I posted on my facebook page.

Please check out my new group. For teachers and students. A group to post your lectures and classes anywhere in the Midwest. And for students to have a one stop place to find out who's teaching in the area and where. Quilt guilds are welcome to post and also stores. I think this will be a great group once we get started. Below is more info from the group page. 
Midwest Lectures, Workshops and Classes
This group is for artists who teach and students who would like a one stop place to see who had upcoming lectures, workshops or classes in the Midwest area. I you are a teacher please post your classes. I would love to see this group grow. If you are a quilt guild or a shop please post your upcoming events. Whether you are a teacher or someone looking to take a class this is the place for you!

My first post on that group was this...
The class schedule is up! I'm teaching the Red Fox fused pattern. Go here for class schedule. 
#19 – Fuse the Red Fox Instructor: Laura Krasinski Saturday, Feb. 18 AND Saturday, Mar. 4In this class you will put together the Wall Quilt "Red Fox." You will assemble the top in the first class, then receive instruction in the second class in how to quilt it while stitching the pieces in place. Students will have homework to complete prior to and between classes.Prerequisite: Some experience with free motion quilting.Fee: $45.50 1:30pm-5:30pm (2/18) 1:30pm-4:30pm (3/4)

I hope you can join my facebook group and especially those of you who are teaching and would like students to know.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

So Many Projects, So Little Time.

I have been blesssed with a "day" job that I really love.  I work as a receptionist at a dental office.  Starting middle of January I will be going down to 3 days a week.  Which is good.  Because as you can see ( and this is only 3 of them) I have so many quilts to finish.  And when I get my Coronet I will be able to quilt them myself!!  So lets see how many I can get done this year.  Or I should say finished.  UGH!!

Need to put on borders and then quilt it on my Coronet. 

This is just pinned for now.  I used mostly Kaffe  fabrics on this fox. 
This one was not quilted in this photo but, I had Mary Jo Busch quilt it and it is ready for binding.  She did a great job accentualing the panel.